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With clean lines and a flat, limited color palette, Emily Fromm uses a style reminiscent of vintage cartoons and comic books to illustrate contemporary scenes. Having been raised in the outskirts of Los Angeles, she was heavily influenced by the over-the-top yet seedy aesthetic of California and Nevada, specifically neon signs, gigantic mascot constructions, and roadside attractions. She applies a graphic style that is familiar and nostalgic to these settings, incorporating imagery that is mundane and often low brow, to contrast these grandiose scenes with everyday life.

Emily Fromm is an active artist and illustrator in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2013, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art from San Francisco State University. She currently lives and works near Ocean Beach in San Francisco, California.

Emily Fromm is a visual artist living and working in San Francisco, California. Her style draws inspiration from traditional sign painting techniques, cartoons and comic books to create a nostalgic yet contemporary lens with which to view iconic city locales. The scenes in her paintings highlight treasured city businesses along with public institutions and people in the community who inhabit and shape our urban neighborhoods. So far her paintings have featured locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Montréal and London.


Originally born in Los Angeles in 1991, Fromm moved to San Francisco in 2009 to study painting, drawing and ceramics at San Francisco State University. She earned a BFA in Studio Art in 2013 and has since exhibited her artwork both locally and internationally. She has also painted several murals in the Bay Area, and recently completed her first permanent public mosaic installation for SFO Airport in partnership with The San Francisco Arts Commission & Mosaika Art & Design. She currently lives and works in San Francisco's Outer Sunset neighborhood with her husband, Jimmy, and cat, Moze.

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